LAURA ALDRIDGE, LEANNE ROSS, JUDITH SCOTT: The Outside is Inside Everything We Make

11 June - 24 July 2021
The exhibition brings together the work of Laura Aldridge Leanne Ross and Judith Scott.
A generous and joyous offering The Outside is Inside Everything We Make engages your senses in an immersive installation that envelops the gallery space. Here the process and act of making is the catalyst for understanding the artists own inner thoughts and drives. This is supported by their intuitive relationships to material colour and language.
Originally found in text on product packaging, the title of the exhibition speaks to the impulse of acknowledging the profound influence our daily interactions with people and materials have on what we create or how we choose to communicate. This democratisation of making lends itself to an experience free from the limiting systems of value that are regularly imposed upon artists and their creativity. Whether it be visually, via tactility or shouting words that express a given moment,  the exhibition explorers empowerment beyond the ideals of established structures and gives way to valuing the multiplicities of making today.
You are invited to sit on Aldridge's Pickle Stool Prototypes (A new thought for an object) to read chat or simply reflect on your day amongst the psychedelia of Ross's Hot, Hot, Hot, 2021 and her poetic 'Shout Out' paintings where the quotidian is rendered remarkable and celebratory. All the while, Scott's Untitled wrapped object invites a curiosity of an internal world of which Scott only allows glimpses via her fastidious weaving of fabrics and collected materials.
Kendall Koppe would like to thank all who have given their kind support and generosity to The Outside is Inside Everything We Make, Laura Aldridge Leanne Ross, The estate of Judith Scott, Artlink Edinburgh, Creative Scotland, The Museum and The Gallery of Everything, Tom Di Maria and everyone at Creative Growth, OmniColour, Riverside Decor, Kevin Baird, Tyg Upholstery, KMAdotcom, Liz Ross, Jon Court, James Brett, Caro Weiss, Lauren Gault, Kara Christine, Alison Stirling, Jan-Bert van den Berg, Philip Ryan, Freya Fullarton, Nick Evans, Linsey Young and Nicola Wright.
The exhibition is accompanied by a limited edition publication designed by Aldridge with an essay by Nicola Wright and is available directly from the gallery. The Outside is Inside Everything We Make is in association with Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2021.

Exert from:
The outside is inside everything we make: Laura Aldridge Leanne Ross Judith Scott
By Nicola Wright, 2021
…. In PURPOSEFUL ABSTRACTION 18 (2021), a canvas panel of ready-made green stripes wryly nods to a kind of ersatz minimalism. Dipped and soaked in a vivid magenta dye, the stripes are adjoined to a taffeta skirt of delicate, blossom-pink circles. A patchwork of hairy packing blankets forms a tabard or collar that has been decorated with medallion-like shards of enamelled ceramic. The work resembles nothing so much as a long robe, a strange and ceremonial garment, arms outstretched and welcoming us inwards; but hung from a wooden pole it might also be an unscrolled manuscript, a portable, evidently collapsible object, to be rolled up and taken elsewhere. There is a sense that Aldridge's materials have been temporarily arrested at a single point in otherwise ongoing series of actions, and further physical conditions or transformations of the work maybe forthcoming….
.… The character and intent of Leanne Ross's practice is ultimately one of generosity to the viewer, and cumulatively her work feels like open invitations to celebrate, to enjoy something overlooked, to pause or take notice. The shout outs in particular have their own form of texture, simply and directly referencing touch, as in the exhibitions third shout out, Kiss On the Cheek (2021), but also drawing out specific sensory memories that bring to mind multiple unseen or unspoken stories. Ross's works contain a richness that is derived from both lived experience and keen observation of day-to-day interactions: most acutely, she relates moments of connectedness - between people, places, object - and makes a sincere argument for pleasure in aesthetic encounters….
…. initially producing drawings of repeated, looping circles, Judith Scott began working with textiles following a workshop with sculptor Silvia Seventy. Though Creative Growth offers a communal studio setting where most, if not all, of the staff and facilitators are themselves practising artists, thereafter Scott worked largely independently, developing the intricacy and scale of her works. She often began by selecting a found object which, perhaps necessarily, was usually everyday in appearance. These included a chair, bicycle wheels, a shopping trolley, but were often more modest in scale. Wrapped and woven within fabric and fibres, the original forms are occasionally visible but more frequently abstracted, disappearing into the subsequent layers and bindings of the work. Scott would sometimes aggregate further object into a piece, and x-rays have revealed both personal effect and small items taken from the surrounding Studio buried within her sculptures….

Laura Aldridge (b.1978) lives and works in Glasgow. Aldridge has an upcoming solo exhibition at Cample Line, Cample Mill and will feature new work at Frieze London 2021. Recent solo exhibitions include; #fromKStoyou, Kunsthalle Stavanger, Norway (2020 - 2021); Indirect Sunlight - Laura Aldridge and James Rigler, New Gallery, London (2018); Plant Scenery of the World, Inverleith House, Edinburgh (2017); Go Woman Go!, British Council in NigeriaSeason, Abuja, Nigeria (2016); Inside All My Activities, Koppe Astner, Glasgow (2016); One to another, one-to-one, Passerelle Centre s'art Contemporain, Brest (2015); California Wow!, Tramway, Glasgow (2015) and Laura Aldridge, Studio Voltaire (2011).
Leanne Ross (b. 1984) lives and works in Midlothian. This is Ross's first exhibition with Kendall Koppe, Glasgow, she will feature New work at Frieze London 2021. Ross Works on a project called (Kiss my Art) - are 14 artists who produce artwork inspired by their interests and personalities. Her shout out poster paintings are snippets of her conversations in the studio and everyday life. Ross's words are matched with colours which she meticulously journals throughout the year. Although Ross's use of language is personal to her experience, her words resonate loudly with all who encounter them. Simultaneously poetic and brutal her compositions and prose echo techniques seen within concrete poetry.
Judith Scott (b.1943, d.2005) Scott work has been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum in New York in a retrospective exhibition and is part of the permanent collection at The Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Smithsonian, Washington DC; The Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco; The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin and L'Arancine, Paris among many others. she has shown at Gugging, Austria; The Museum of Everything, London; The Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC; White columns, Barbara Gladstone Gallery, Gavin Brown's enterprise, Rico Maresca, Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York and Rena Bransten gallery, San Francisco.