Laura Aldridge

Vibrant and tactile, Laura Aldridge's work engages, indeed embraces, all our senses. Taking many forms and scales, her work derives from her deep-seated instinct for colour and texture, and from the knowing and intuitive approach she takes to making and to materials and their possibilities. She has said: 'Being completely absorbed in the process of making, being alert and open is really very important to how an idea develops. It is physical research and it is how I move the work forward.'


Working across textiles, glass, ceramic and found objects, and with processes such as printing, casting and dyeing, Aldridge's body of work moves freely between wall-based reliefs and sculptural assemblages or installations, playing on the abilities of 'collage' to operate in two and three-dimensions. She has herself described her work as a form of expanded collage, and she often arranges elements of her works upon tables, low plinths or across gallery walls to bring 'things' together so that they might coalesce as a whole.